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Educational Philosophy

Saint Philomena School is dedicated to the spiritual, intellectual, emotional, cultural, aesthetic, social and physical development of its students, so that they may bring to fruition all their God-given talents and thus fulfill God's unique plan for them.

One of its prime aims is to enable all students to hear the message of hope contained in the Gospel, to base their loving service of God upon this message, to achieve a vital, personal relationship with Christ, and to share in the Gospel's realistic view of the human condition which recognizes the fact of evil and personal sin, while affirming the hope of salvation in Christ.

Instruction in religious truths and values is an integral part of the school programs. It is not one more subject alongside the rest, but instead is perceived and functions as the underlying reality in which the student's experience of living and learning achieve its coherence and its deepest meaning.

Students are instructed in human knowledge and skills, which are valued indeed for their true worth, but seen simultaneously as deriving their most profound significance from God's plan for his creation.

The child is held above and comes before the subject matter as such, for it is the students and not the educational material, that is the focal point of the school. Each teacher's endeavors are directed, therefore, at establishing a school environment that recognizes current educational philosophy and technological advances in which programs and curricula are well developed but flexible enough to allow for the personal responses of all the children. The teachers act as stimulators and organizers of the learning environment within the school community.

One of the goals of the St. Philomena School Family is to continually develop the student's ability to assume more and more responsibility for decision making. The child is seen as a learner and investigator, and to function properly as such, requires freedom to search as well as the knowledge and skills to attack this quest effectively. In this common quest we recognize that each child has individual needs.We attempt to meet these needs by working with the individual child and with groups. Children learn from each other, from books and materials, from experiences in the world around them, as well as from their teachers and their parents. In close partnership with parents it is our purpose to provide the necessary environment for each child, so that learning, growth and development may take place.

Hopefully, having encountered respect and trust in a loving, open atmosphere, our students will grow toward full development as Christians who see themselves as a vital part of their parish, neighborhood and world community.

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