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What Students Say...

Saint Philomena students spend a childhood making friends and memories that will last a lifetime.  When the day arrives for our students to graduate and move forward to exciting new adventures, they do so with the courage and confidence to use their gifts and talents for the good of others.

“St. Philomena School is like a home to me. Every day I come to school feeling welcome. I have made friends here that will last me a lifetime.” – Sam, Class of 2017

“St. Philomena School has meant almost everything to me. The campus has been like a home to me, and the community has been like a second family. I’ve made so many friends here and made memories that will last a lifetime. St. Phil’s means joy to me. I’m glad others can embark on the same journey as me.” – Connor, Class of 2017

“In my mind St. Philomena School means walking into any building on campus and everyone greeting you. At. St. Phil’s, we are able to express our talents in the classroom, on the field or in the studio. We all have God-given talents, and here, we are able to use them.” – Alexis, Class of 2017

“St. Philomena School is a place for learning and meeting new people. A place to grow courage and confidence, knowledge, and leadership, but most importantly love.”–Charlie, Class of 2017

“At St. Philomena I love how all the teachers are so enthusiastic on their topics.” -Dylan, Class of 2018

“Saint Philomena is so many different things. It is a great school that I am happy and proud to be a part of. Our Principal is so nice and encourages every good thing we do. Because of this school I am a better person. Saint Phil’s is so great and for as long as I have been here I loved it." - Charlotte, Class of 2018

“St. Philomena School has been my school for nine years. This school has taught me respect for others and respect for myself. The teachers are so wonderful and reassuring and everyone is well educated. I hope you will like St. Phil’s because it is such a great school." – Emma, Class of 2018

“I get constant guidance, reassurance, and influence from the people around me. St. Philomena is an amazing place where I always feel welcome and part of everything that is going on." – Scott, Class of 2018

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