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Zoom Classroom Info


Saint Philomena School utilizes the ZOOM digital platform to assist in live interactive instructional experiences while students are engaged in distance learning. At scheduled meeting times, students can log into their digital zoom classroom by clicking the teacher zoom link below, or "join a meeting" through the website or downloaded zoom app on a phone/tablet.

    Zoom Meeting ID Zoom Classroom Web Link
Mrs. Bairos-Moreau 878-241-7965 Mrs. Bairos-Moreau Zoom Link
Mr. Baker
465 858 7218
Mr. Baker's Zoom Link
Mrs. Bashour 928-481-8035 Mrs. Bashour's Zoom Link
Mrs. Byrne 820-200-7092 Mrs. Byrne's Zoom Link
Mrs. Capuano 297-516-9363 Mrs. Capuano's Zoom Link
Mrs. Cieloszyk 629-223-2555 Mrs. Cieloszyk Zoom Link
Mrs. Coakley 352 273 5710 Mrs. Coakley's Zoom Link
Mr. Cordeiro 960-036-0982 Mr. Cordeiro's Zoom Link
Mrs. Davis 596-240-8158 Mrs. Davis' Zoom Link
Ms. DeSocio 396-494-4769 Ms. DeSocio's Zoom Link
Mrs. Donovan 974-190-9041 Mrs. Donovan's Zoom Link
Mrs. Dutelle 864-109-1457 Mrs. Dutelle's Zoom Link
Mrs. Fitzgerald 737-831-0751 Mrs. Fitzgerald's Zoom Link
Mrs. Foster 493-062-6059 Mrs. Foster's Zoom Link
Mrs. Giroux 553-836-5206 Mrs. Giroux's Zoom Link
Mrs. Grimes 940-885-8840 Mrs. Grime's Zoom Link
Mrs. Gurspan 792-858-3698 Mrs. Gurspan's Zoom Link
Mr. Haskell 882-986-1998 Mr. Haskel's Zoom Link
Mrs. Hayes 543-507-6527 Mrs. Hayes' Zoom Link
Ms. Hedden (6A) 369-545-6145 Ms. S. Hedden's Zoom Link
Mrs. Hedden (2A) 821-424-0832 Mrs. B. Hedden's Zoom Link
Mrs. Howes 662-985-6067 Mrs. Howes' Zoom Link
Mrs. Lavelle 436-674-1849 Mrs.Lavelle's Zoom Link
Ms. Legare 461-216-2138 Ms. Legare's Zoom Link
Ms. McCall 316-806-9862 Ms. McCall's Zoom Link
Mrs. Mello 965-453-1430 Mrs. Mello's Zoom Link
Mrs. Morrissey 527-306-2539 Mrs. Morrissey's Zoom Link
Ms. Nadeau 822-025-0779 Ms. Nadeau's Zoom Link
Mrs. O'Connor 560-430-1892 Mrs. O'Connor's Zoom Link
Mrs. Pagano 358-669-9956 Mrs. Pagano's Zoom Link
Mrs. Paolero 468-353-0321 Mrs. Paolero's Zoom Link
Mrs. Partridge 491-477-3239 Mrs. Partridge's Zoom Link
Mrs. Potts 572-078-6419 Mrs. Pott's Zoom Link
Ms. Principe 687-518-2167 Ms. Principe's Zoom Link
Mr. Quinn 864-059-2209 Mr. Quinn's Zoom Link
Mrs. Roche (Guidance) 804-627-1897 Mrs. Cynthia Roche's Zoom Link
Mrs. Roche (1B) 380-720-1295 Mrs. Colleen Roche's Zoom Link
Ms. Silveira 514-792-0306 Ms. Silveira's Zoom Link
Mr. Spaner 697-421-8416 Mr. Spaner's Zoom Link
Mrs. Towers 874-408-0061 Mrs. Towers' Zoom Link
Mrs. Turner 794 515-5806 Mrs. Turner's Zoom Link
Ms. Vanicek 747-654-0058 Ms. Vanicek's Zoom Link
Mrs. Venditti 486-990-8248 Mrs. Venditti's Zoom Link
Mrs. Wakefield 492-043-5680 Mrs. Wakefield's Zoom Link



For technical assistance, please contact:
Mrs. Cathy Gurspan
Director of Technology
Zoom Join a Meeting Tutorial. Our Teacher Zoom Classroom links on the left hand side are are the "invitations" referenced in the video. You can also click the yellow button above this video for a listing of the Meeting ID link invitations
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