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Mr. John Bohan
Chair of the Board
Mrs. Rhonda Landers
Vice Chair of the Board and Chair of the Finance Committee 
Sr. Suzanne Cooke, RSCJ
Sr. Barbara Rogers, RSCJ
Sr. Anne Dyer, RSCJ
Mrs. Paige Goulart
Ms. Jennifer Abbate
Chair of the Mission Effectiveness Committee
Mr. John Perreira
Chair of the Buildings and Grounds Committee
Dr. Luba Flanigan, MD
Chair of the Health & Safety Committee
Capt. Michael O'Hara
Chair of the Strategic Planning Committee
Mr. Jeffrey Moniz
Chair of the Institutional Advancement Committee
Mrs. Elizabeth MacGillivray 
Chair of the Committee on Trustees
Mr. Paul Jestings
Mrs. Karen Witkowski
Senator Lou DiPalma
Mr. Brian Cordeiro
Head of School & Principal
Mrs. Dawn Pagano
Assistant Head of School & Vice Principal 
Deacon Timothy Flanigan, MD
Board Chaplain