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The elementary programs for kindergarten through grade 5 encourage our young learners as they grow in mind, heart, body and spirit to discover unique gifts and uncover dynamic personalities. Our teachers promote learning in a developmentally appropriate manner and cultivate educational experiences, inside and outside of the classroom, to help our students encounter a widening world of possibilities.  

The elementary academic program encourages students to actualize their potential as independent, self-motivated and well-rounded students. Our teachers strive to help children navigate experiences that challenge them to think critically, develop academic stamina, and broaden lifelong skills and abilities in and outside of the classroom.   Creative projects allow students to express themselves through a variety of media. Hands-on activities support meaningful and relevant learning.  Student personalities and interests are encouraged as children discover passions and interests through elective experiences and co-curricular classes. 

Students journey around campus each day to encounter exciting experiences in world languages, music, visual arts, physical education, technology and 21st century thinking, and library literacy.  Emotional empathy, civic awareness and a focus on others helps to create a child's moral compass for navigating the challenges and opportunities of the world. Teachers use dynamic lessons, leveled readers, and real time student-centered assessment measures to create curricula and student educational experiences that inspire our students to grow and learn with courage and confidence . Our students discover and develop their unique God-given gifts and potential and use them to transform our world for good.