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The school uniform and dress code expectations are part of the Saint Philomena School experience. They are expected of all students. The uniform creates a culture that identifies all students as part of the same team, as all strive to grow as young people of character, courage and confidence. On occasion, dress down days will be granted; they will be communicated in advance in our Weekly Announcements email.

Dress Code Expectations  LANDS' END SCHOOL UNIFORMS

If requested, our Preferred School Number on Lands' End is: 900187279.

Winter Dress Code

Running from January through March, we allow any student to wear gym uniform sweat pants and sweatshirts on any day of the week (regardless of when a student has Physical Education class). This warmer uniform option should help students during cold weather months.

As a reminder, please make sure your child comes to school dressed for winter weather. As often as possible, students will be outside for recess. They will change classes on campus, so it is important that all students are dressed with appropriate outerwear and clothing to stay warm.

´╗┐Please remember to find ways to label gloves, hats, coats and scarfs so that we can easily identify who to return these items to when dropped or lost.

The Uniform Closet

The SPS Uniform Closet is our collection of previously used uniforms donated back to the school. We cannot guarantee what items or sizes are available at any particular time. The closet is located in the garage at the end of the Learning Common. Parents can park in front of the main building and walk over to the uniform closet during drop in days. A donation jar is set up at the closet for families to leave a donation in any amount to help support the school and children.